China Gold Trading (Shanghai) Innovates the Procurement Model and Reaches the Strategic Cooperation with Jingdong Industry


Recently, China National Gold Group Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as China Gold Trading (Shanghai)) reached the strategic cooperation with Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. Jingdong Industry Group (hereinafter referred as Jingdong Industry) on the supply and procurement of domestic and international material.

While staying committed to promoting the implementation of various measures of the integration reform of China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. and ensuring the full realization of the goals of the integration reform, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) also continues to improve the capacity and level to serve the Group’s main business and achieve a win-win development between China Gold Trading(Shanghai) and the related companies of the Group. China Gold Trading (Shanghai) had many in-depth business exchanges on the domestic and international cooperation with Jingdong Industry, aiming to expand new procurement channels and reduce the procurement’s costs for the Group.

On 2nd September, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) and Jingdong Industry held a video meeting. The two parties had an in-depth exchange of views on their respective key businesses and top products. Meanwhile, we have established a preliminary cooperation intention. Based on the   current businesses, we will use the procurement of standard and general industrial products as the key point of the cooperation.

After the meeting, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) and Jingdong Industry actively promoted the implementation of meeting’s decisions. On the procurement plan of China Gold Group’s Soremi Project (Soremi project is located in Republic of Congo), China Gold Trading(Shanghai) respectively issued the public inquiry announcement for hardware and electrical materials in accordance with the procurement process. In the process of inquiry, Jingdong Industry gave the best quotation for the electrical materials. After the comprehensive consideration, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) finally confirmed Jingdong Industry as the materials’ supplier.     

The first cooperation between both parties indicates that the two parties will continue to expand domestic and international procurement cooperation in the future. Besides, Jingdong Industry provides a fully new procurement model, which is to select products and make the order on the online platform by setting up a independent company account. The model can be used for some unplanned and urgently needed material procurement proposed by the owner, which can effectively shorten the procurement time and ensure the supply of materials. In future, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) and Jingdong Industrial will strive to cooperate in more fields, and make use of the overseas warehousing and logistics platform of Jingdong Industry to realize the direct purchasing of chemical products from overseas, so as to solve the foreign owners’ difficulties for purchasing chemical products

In the context of the pandemic and the global economic downturn, China Gold Trading(Shanghai) brought the e-commerce platform into company, utilized the advantages of various categories and equitable price of the e-commerce platform, innovated the procurement model, improved the efficiency of company’s procurement, reduced procurement costs, promoted the ability and level of main businesses of the Group and helped the Group to reduce the overall costs and increase efficiency.