China Gold Trading (Shanghai) further enhances its overseas service capability


While unswervingly implementing reform measures and realizing all the goals of trade integration reform, China National Gold Group Trading Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) keeps improving its capabilities and skills of serving the main business of China Gold, so as to achieve win-win results for itself and other related enterprises of China Gold.

On March 3, ten 40-foot containers loaded with RMB 4 million worth of mining machinery and equipment as well as production materials were released at Kashgar and Irkeshtam customs upon sealing inspection, and transported to Kuru-Tegerek copper and gold mine in Kyrgyzstan through the Irkeshtam port. This indicated that the speed of the "China-Kyrgyzstan--Uzbekistan" highway and railway intermodal international freight train has been fully accelerated, in which China Gold Trading (Shanghai) was a major participator.

This was the first time that China has completed the cross-border multimodal transport process via a multimodal transport bill of lading (B/L). Through measures such as supervision outside the railway freight yard and secondary customs transfer, the company made possible the multimodal transport operation mode in which “the documents and containers were not changed throughout the process, requiring one-time declaration only". By virtue of the China International Freight Forwarder Association's multimodal transport bill of lading (CIFA B/L), China Gold Trading (Shanghai) first assembles the equipment and production materials urgently needed for the Kuru copper and gold mine in containers by highway or railway to Lanzhou Dongchuan station, then transports them by railway to Xinjiang Kashgar station, and then to Kyrgyzstan by trucks. The "highway-railway-highway" and "railway-highway-railway" transport modes were designed to address the logistics issues at the ports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It not only helped China Gold's overseas branches to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also greatly facilitated the trading with the "Belt & Road" countries.

Against the backdrop of international logistics being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) seized the challenges and tried to stabilize the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain of China Gold's relevant mining projects in Central Asian countries by utilizing the "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" highway and railway intermodal international freight trains. The successful issuance of the CIFA B/L will help to further improve the integrated service of the "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan" multimodal transport, providing valuable practical experience for building a standard multimodal transport system at the national level. It is set to become a model for creating the new channels and new models for the Eurasian Land Bridge.