China Gold Trading (Shanghai) Held the Economic Operation Analysis Meeting for the Third Quarter of 2021


On October 21, China Gold Trading (Shanghai) held the economic operation analysis meeting for third quarter of 2021 to analyze the economic operation in the past three quarters and make arrangements for every aspect of work in the fourth quarter. Chen Xiaozhu, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of company, attended the meeting and made a speech. Zhou Zhiyan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of company presided over the meeting.

The meeting notified the economic operation of company in the third quarter and attendees listened to the report on the progress of key work and next stage of work arrangement of China Jinyu and China Gold International Trading owned China Gold Trading (Shanghai)

Chen Xiaozhu said that the staff of our company thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping important speech of July 1 and coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and operated the reform and development of China Gold Trading (Shanghai)  according to the arrangements and requirements of group company (China Gold) since this year. At present, each work has effectively and efficiently run and good results has been achieved in the operation. Meanwhile, we should also sober analysis of the current situation, be fully aware of problems risks and challenges, take practical and effective measures, strive to sprint the fourth quarter and ensure the great ends of this year.

Chen Xiaozhu stressed that China Gold Trading (Shanghai) should take advantage of the momentum and continue to move forward and sprint to the target at full speed. First, we will accelerate the progress of business integration with Henan Zhongyuan Gold Smelter LLC and strive to enter the practical operation stage by the end of November. Second, we will continue to deepen the reform of the “ three systems”, improve the income distribution mechanism and establish the last-place elimination mechanism. Third, we will vigorously expand the external market and strive to achieve that the proportion of business inside and outside the group respectively accounts for 50% by the end of the 14th five-year plan. Fourth, we will pay attention to establish the brand image of China Gold Towers, strengthen the property management and services and gradually form the reputation effect. Fifth, we will create a learning-oriented company, stimulate the staff’s creative energy and improve the staff’s business abilities. Sixth, we will further develop the company culture, bring together the developing energy and lead to the high-quality development of China Gold Trading(Shanghai).

More than 50 attendees including the leaders and employees of company participated in the meeting in the China Gold Towers in Shanghai. Other employees from the Centralized Procurement Biding Center and the subsidiaries attended the meeting via videos in each branch meeting place.