The centralized procurement bidding center is mainly responsible for organizing procurement bidding processes for projects, materials and services for affiliated enterprises of China Gold. The project types include construction projects, mining projects, prospecting projects, architectural projects, installation projects and other projects; materials include steel, steel balls, lining plates, cables, coal, lime, container bags, conveyor belts, mineral processing reagent and various equipment spare parts, and other bulk production consumables; the equipment includes complete sets of equipment and auxiliary facilities required for mining, processing, smelting and other processes in new construction, reconstruction, expansion and technical transformation projects (mining equipment: rock drill (vehicle) , scraper, excavator, etc.; processing equipment: crusher, ball mill, flotation machine, thickener, etc.; smelting equipment: double disc quantitative casting machine, high temperature fan, cathode stripping unit, residual electrode washing unit, electrolytic cell, etc.). Services include logistics, survey, labor, design, supervision and intermediary services.

The centralized procurement center has accumulated rich experience in centralized procurement bidding for many years, which has reduced the procurement cost for the affiliated companies of China Gold and ensured the normal daily production of mining enterprises.