China Gold’s Report on Social Responsibility in 2013


September 28th, China National Gold Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China Gold) releases its Report on Social Responsibility in 2013 for four consecutive years. 

Research Center of Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences selects experts from China Corporate Social Responsibility Rating Committee to evaluate China Gold’s report in line with China’s Corporate Social Responsibility Evaluation Standards (2014) and accredits it as a Five Star report of excellence. 

Dwelling on China Gold’s goal of developing limited resources to meet social demands, the report introduces how China Gold integrates its social responsibility concepts into the whole process of corporate growth and its holistic approach of social responsibility management which combines corporate, social and staff’s benefits, and of seeking win-win results with clients, competitors and common prosperity with society. The report demonstrates China Gold’s social responsibility practices and achievements from four aspects of economic performance, safety and health, environmental protection and energy saving, and mutual benefits and harmony in 2013. 

In recent years, China Gold has always adhered to responsible operation and sustainable development. It has been actively performing political duties and social responsibilities as a central state owned enterprise, while preserving stated owned assets. It has worked together with stakeholders to maximize comprehensive values among the corporate, society and environment. China Gold’s social responsibility work has become exceptional from barely beginning in 2011 through reinforcing interior strength and promoting image outward. This has provided solid foundation for China Gold’s balanced development, sustainable operation and good reputation. 

In 2013, China Gold conducted lasting detailed management and campaigns on optimization of five rates, cost reduction and efficiency promotion, and environmental protection and safety in the wake of gold price slide and unsteady copper price and grew steadily. China Gold’s sales revenue stood at 111.407 billion RMB, an increase of 10.08% compared to last year, and overall profit of 1.916 billion RMB and tax 3.034 billion RMB. China Gold ranks No.1 in China in six indices regarding gold resource reserve, mineral gold output, refined gold output, gold investment product market share, gold refinery techniques and volume of physical gold traded in Shanghai Gold Exchange as a comprehensive member. 

In 2013, Chins Gold always put safety of production as its priority. As a company highly responsible for corporate growth and health and safety of its staff, China Gold has promoted normalization, standardization and systemization of its safety operations with attention to the fundamental level. It has improved the safe production management system and institutions, and laid down rules on safe production certification mechanism. It has practiced advanced safety concepts of reinforced safe production, zero accidents and zero tolerance, and worked on execution, innovation and precaution capabilities of safe production to improve its safety management and consolidate its foundation for development. Besides, China Gold has enabled the QEOSH certification system integrating Quality, Environment and Occupational Health, which allows an ongoing improvement of overall working environment. 

In 2013, China Gold considered safety and environmental protection of strategic significance, and demanded all subsidiaries take environmental protection as social responsibility and create a suitable and innovatory way of protecting environment. Besides, it has put a lot efforts and capital in building clean production and green offices and in advancing energy saving and emission reduction, and developing recyclable economy. Ammonia nitrogen, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide emitted and chemical oxygen demand have been down by over 2% compared with last year. By the end of 2013, 22 mining companies have been accredited as National Green Mine Demonstration Unit, some of them are taken as pilot company of environmental protection at local community. 

China Gold has put staff’s growth as one of its central tasks and created opportunities for their development. It has been sharing growth between the company and staff by protecting their lawful rights, improving working and living environment, helping those in need and carrying out charity works to make their life happier. Meanwhile, China Gold has been emphasizing harmony with local communities by fulfilling social responsibilities as a central state owned enterprise. It has been working to promote regional development, sharing benefits with society and supporting public service, which it considers as a bounden duty. All its subsidiaries have provided massive support for local community development and local people to build up a wealthy household. 

At the same time, China Gold has made several breakthroughs in science and technology and interior control system, and improved its core competiveness. Meanwhile, China Gold has made efforts on developing in an intensive, safe, green, connotative, holistic and coordinated way, which allows it to become a more environmental friendly and innovatory company emphasizing quality performance, safety, social responsibility and harmonious development. 

As Song Xin, general manager of China Gold, states that to fulfill social responsibility is to fulfill a central state owned enterprise’s bounden duty, a value should be upheld by all well reputed companies. China Gold follows the guideline laid in the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, accelerates its development mode transformation and structural adjustment in line with its strategy of centering on gold while developing multi-metals, and enhances its development quality and performance. China Gold embraces its responsibilities for the nation, society, nature and stakeholders and never stops improving its capabilities, so as to build a world’s leading mining company with strong global competiveness.