China Gold’s Eight Mines Enter the Fourth Group of National Green Mine Pilot Unit


The China's Mining Recycling Economy and Green Mine Construction Meeting was held in Linyin City, Shandong in Sep. 15th 2014. Eight subsidiaries of China Gold become members of the fourth group of national green mine pilot unit. They are Mupigouliang Gold and Silver Mine of Tianshui Lizi Gold Company in Gansu, Bezhangzi Gold Mine of Lingyuan Rixing Mining Company, Yuerya Gold Mine of Yuerya Gold Mining Company in Hebei, Dongliang Gold Mine of Dongliang Gold Mining Company in Hebei, Shihu Gold Mine of Shihu Mining Company, Chener Gold Mine of Xinyuan Industry and Trade Company in Shanxi, Shanshan Gold Mine of Jintan Mining Company in Xinjiang, Qianchang Iron and Copper Mine of Taiping Mining Company in Anhui.

So far, 30 companies of China Gold have become members of National Green Mine Pilot Unit. The fourth group is in the process of initiating plans on green mine construction.